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Suffering from Broken teeth? Toothache? Call an emergency dentist in Sioux Falls!

Having access to an emergency dentist in Sioux Falls can be a big sigh of relief. We are not a 24/7 service, but we keep emergency options at our clinic from Monday to Friday for your treatment needs.

Emergency Dentistry

Time is essential

Every time you put aside seeking dental treatment for a toothache or damage, complications can happen. It is important that even at the slightest sign of a dental problem, we look for an immediate dental solution so complex situations can be minimised. Contact Emergency Dentist Sioux Falls to know more.

Dental emergency or not?

When dealing with dental problems, knowing what is considered urgent and needs emergency help is important to save time and money. For extreme pain or a swollen face, or any sign of difficulty breathing due to infection, you are advised to seek care at a Hospital Emergency department, if one of our dentists is not available.

Booking an Appointment

Knowing that the dental clinic nearest you offers dental emergency services is a relief and an assurance in itself that your dental needs are covered any time of the day. Calling the dentist at Emergency Dentist Sioux Falls as soon as the dental situation arises is the key to preserve and keep your teeth intact.

Dental appointments and Schedule

In dental clinics all over the world, prioritisation of clients is solved by appointment scheduling and what we call an emergency triage. Those with dental emergencies who need immediate care should always be tended to first. Calling Emergency Dentist Sioux Falls as soon as the need arises should help you secure an appointment as soon as possible so urgent care can be assured as you reach the clinic.

Common Dental Emergencies in Sioux Falls

Tooth pain

A simple toothache may mean a lot of things. Your teeth may be decaying, damage in its root may be causing it, or an infection may be spreading. Knowing the cause may help in finding the solution and the procedure to cure and prevent further damage. Contact Emergency Dentist Sioux Falls to know more.

Wisdom tooth complication

Impacted third molar or “wisdom teeth” may be a pain especially if it interrupts with your daily activities including eating. Knowing and making sure that it is your wisdom teeth that cause your problems will make it easier for you and your dentist at Emergency Dentist Sioux Falls to address your problems.

Broken or chipped tooth

Accidents that present force to your teeth can make it crack or chip, or worse, fracture your jaw. Whether the impact caused minor or major cracks on your oral cavity, it is imperative to seek dental consult to make sure that there is no other damage done.

About Us

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone, anytime.

We, at Emergency Dentist Sioux Falls, are a group of professional dentists who are all trained and experienced in handling emergency situations concerning your dental health. We are equipped with the knowledge and skill that you need in emergency personnel to provide immediate care to your dental emergency.

For inquiries with regard to the availability of our dentists and the procedures being offered by our clinic, kindly contact Emergency Dentist Sioux Falls to know more.

Children’s Dental Emergency

Children have higher tendencies to have accidents because of their immense curiosity about almost everything, coupled with their unstable gait and uncontrolled movements. Though their teeth are not yet permanent, damage to their temporary or milk teeth may affect the growth of the permanent ones in the future. Caring for their milk teeth the same way as we do with our permanent ones are but essential. For more details, contact Emergency Dentist Sioux Falls.

What to do in a Dental Emergency?

During emergencies, dental or medical, the first rule is to keep calm. Focus on the problem at hand, contact Emergency Dentist Sioux Falls, and know the first aid procedures that you could perform to address it while waiting for your appointment. Here are some tips when experiencing a dental emergency:

We all know that pain in the oral cavity may be present due to a lot of factors. When experiencing a toothache, rinse your teeth with warm water, and if you can, floss your teeth so that foreign bodies that may cause the pain may be removed. If the pain persists, contact Emergency Dentist Sioux Falls as this may mean more serious problems. Taking pain medications may also help relieve the symptoms temporarily.
Gum Damage
Gum disease or accidents may cause damage to the gums and its surrounding tissues such as your teeth and the bone that holds your teeth together. If your gums are bleeding due to an impact or trauma, apply cold compress on the face to stop the bleeding and minimize its swelling. Avoid hot drinks or food as it may worsen the bleeding. Contact Emergency Dentist Sioux Falls right away to address the cause of the damage at once.
Broken dentures or bridges
Long use of dental appliances or the presence of external force may cause your dentures, dental implants, or dental bridges to break or be damaged. Fixing it on your own may worsen its state. Entrusting the repair of your dentures and other dental restorative appliances to the experts at Emergency Dentist Sioux Falls may effectively and efficiently solve your problem. If one side of your teeth is affected, avoid chewing or presenting food particles on that side while having your dentures fixed.
If not addressed at once, infection on your teeth or gums may spread to your oral cavity down to, in some cases, your bloodstream and may even reach your heart or brain. Urgent care and treatment of dental infection include assessing the tiniest bit or part of your oral cavity. Are there any bleeding, swelling, pus, or redness noted anywhere in your mouth? Is there pain present? What causes it? Answers to these questions may be essential in providing the next steps in treating the infection. Dental procedures and prescription of antibiotics may be needed to make sure that the infection will be dealt with urgent care. Contact Emergency Dentist Sioux Falls to assist you immediately.

Emergency Dentist in Sioux Falls

Are you in need Of A Emergency Dentist in Sioux Falls? Dental emergencies need priority attention, our team will always strive to respond to your emergency as fast as possible, endeavouring to help you become relaxed and comfortable as fast as we can. We ensure that each and every one of our team members goes above and beyond to treat you how we would like to be treated. We aim to never turn away any of our patients experiencing a dental emergency.

That’s why we keep space available in the appointment books every day for patients requiring a Sioux Falls emergency dentist. If you are in need of an emergency appointment, please contact us or just come in to one of our Tooth Booth Dentist clinics and we will treat you on that day.

The Tooth Booth Dentist are open 6 days a week, with late appointments available on Thursday evenings, which makes it easier for patients requiring emergency dental treatment to get an appointment when they need one.

If you or a family member is in dental pain or in need of an emergency Dentist, contact The Tooth Booth Dentists for an urgent appointment. Compassionate care during your dental emergency

The main dental emergencies we encounter are serious tooth decay requiring root canal therapy, trauma and damage to the tooth, and tooth loss.

Root canal therapy is often required when our patient’s tooth decay has become so serious that it is causing considerable and ongoing pain. Our Sioux Falls Dentist only perform this procedure in the instance that more minor restorative treatments are no longer suitable. Given the newest developments in dentistry, as well as our comprehensive range of dental anxiety management options, we can ensure that you are comfortable and at ease through your root canal therapy.

Trauma can occur in a number of ways, commonly in sporting accidents. A knock to your tooth can result in substantial pain, as well as requiring immediate attention to correct the damage. It is important to correct chips or cracks as soon as possible as ignoring these concerns can lead to the tooth’s pulp becoming exposed to bacteria, often consequently causing an infection. Often cracks and chips, especially those that are only superficial, can be easy protected and corrected in the safe hands of our Sioux Falls Dentist professionals.

Tooth loss can be quite a serious dental concern, especially if it is a result of sudden trauma or serious decay. If your tooth loss is a result of trauma it is important to contact our dental professionals immediately as you only have a small window of time where your natural tooth can be saved and placed back in your mouth.

It is essential that you handle the lost tooth by the crown of the tooth (the visible part of the tooth) and not the root. This is because there are specialised cells on the root of your tooth that need to remain intact in order to fuse back into your jawbone. You can clean the tooth if you need to using milk, then either place the tooth back in the socket or store it in a glass of milk while you wait to get to your appointment.

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